High Performance Flashings/Corners

Top Industrial offers a complete line of high quality flashings, tapes, and pre-formed corners. Each product is designed to perform as part of the RainBuster Leak-Free Window Installation System, providing customizable performance within a system approach.

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RainBuster 405

Windows. Easy to install. Mechanically attached plastic flashing. Meets installation standards. Premium quality; outstanding value.

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RainBuster 415

Windows. High performance self-adhered flashing. Powerful rubberized asphalt adhesive. Provides strength, durability, and self sealing.

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RainBuster 420

Windows. A heavy-duty, mechanically attached flashing with a self-sealing inner core. Easy to install in all weather conditions.

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RainBuster 430

Windows. Recess Corners. Patented Design. Available in three depths (2.0”, 2.5”, 4.0”) for proven, easy, plug & play installation.

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RainBuster 435

Windows. Sill Pan End Dam. Innovative, cost effective corner design. For proven, easy, leak preventing sill pan creation.

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RainBuster 440

Windows. Ultra high performance self-adhered flashing. For challenging temperature and surface conditions. Industry best adhesion.

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