Trusted in Specification Since 1983

Preventing Leaks & Squeaks

Since 1983, Top Industrial and its RainBuster brand have had special focus on the needs of the builder and architect. Our RainBuster specification program is a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to eliminating your leaks, squeaks, and call backs. We continue to believe in the value of construction quality and consistency, just like you. That is why RainBuster is trusted in specifications by the nation’s most prestigious builders and architects.

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Why Specify RainBuster?

Performance Driven Protection


With RainBuster, comprehensive leak & squeak prevention is built into the construction process. This proactive approach results in installation repeatability, consistency, and the dramatic elimination of call backs. From high performance product and installation systems, to expert training, everything we do is designed to eliminate call backs & warranty claims.


RainBuster is formulated with the latest in advanced leak & squeak preventing technology. Each specified RainBuster product provides the builder with superior protection, practical job site performance, and ease of use. And, each has been proven over decades to perform at the highest levels in large scale production homebuilding. The RainBuster offering includes sealants, adhesives, flashing/tapes/corners, and building wraps (house wraps).


RainBuster provides a consistent approach to leak & squeak prevention. With RainBuster, the builder/architect takes control of construction processes not traditionally specified. The result is uniformity of construction, integrated and consistent across every home. To further ensure consistency, RainBuster specifications are supported by proven installation procedures, comprehensive contractor training, and industry best warranties.


RainBuster’s installation procedure catalogs are comprehensive, proven, and customizable to fit your unique requirements. Our intuitive online portal and available personalized support make choosing procedures and guidelines efficient and straightforward.

Installation Procedures


Our weatherization expertise is second to none. RainBuster’s systems take all the guess work out of the specification process by providing all of the necessary elements and resources to ensure success. More than simply great product, RainBuster systems offer proven procedures, field training, and enhanced system warranties.


We provide personalized support, customized to fit your needs, through the entire specification process. This includes specification language and illustrations, resulting in scope of work clarity and optimal RainBuster performance. With solid construction documents in place, we then provide expert, comprehensive job site training to further ensure success.


By choosing RainBuster products and systems you are protected by powerful warranties that provide long term, practical peace of mind. Each RainBuster product comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. And, when you utilize a RainBuster Leak Free System (product-procedures), you enjoy an enhanced 30 Year Parts & Labor Warranty.


RainBuster specified products are formulated to meet even the most stringent national regulatory requirements. Each is designed with the latest in high performance low V.O.C. technology for worker safety, responsible environmental stewardship, and the best in leak & squeak prevention.

Trade Categories

Scopes of Work

The RainBuster program is designed to provide uniformity of construction and superior performance on your project, across the following scope of work trade categories. Our Building Solutions experts can tailor a program specific to your needs, including installation procedure selection, scope of work language, and a customized subcontractor training program. Additional trade category recommendations are also available.

  • Weather
    Resistive Barrier
  • Window
  • Framing
  • Roofing &
    Sheet Metal

Weather Resistive Barrier

RainBuster 500 series building wraps (house wraps) offer world class building envelope protection. The complete RainBuster Weatherization System includes a catalog of installation guidelines, seam tape, RainBuster 900 sealant/adhesive for sealing penetrations, expert training, and an enhanced system warranty when combined with the RainBuster Leak Free Window installation System.

Window Installation

The RainBuster Leak Free Window Installation System fits with any construction detail you have. It offers a dedicated window & door sealant, a complete range of flashings/tapes, patented corners, a catalog of installation procedures, expert training, and an enhanced system warranty.

Framing - Subfloors & Stairs

RainBuster 345 offers decades worth of proven squeak eliminating performance. Its unique formula combines powerful adhesion and flexibility to compensate for missed nails and screws. Proven to eliminate callbacks and increase homeowner satisfaction.

Roofing & Sheet Metal

RainBuster 850 offers the best in proven leak free performance on the roof. From roof tile connections to sheet metal joints, 850 provides long term protection in a single product. RainBuster 850 features industry best adhesion & flexibility, and is a dramatic upgrade over typically used cements, mastics, and lower grade sealants/adhesives.